Business Consultants 

Lean Manufacturing


Learning Objectives

On completion of the course participants:

  • Will have a strong understanding of the tools, methods, techniques from Lean Manufacturing.
  • Achieve a strong preparation to clear the Juran academy exam and contribute in an effective way of practising and know how’s of Lean Manufacturing.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for meeting the requirements of the following audience:

  • Students of the pre & final year of engineering stream.
  • Students doing their masters programme under engineering and management.
  • Quality Assurance engineers, Project managers, Team leaders.
  • Manufacturing, Process, textile industry personnel.

What will I learn?

  • Understand the principles of Lean practices
  • Learn how to measure, map and put in place Lean practices
  • Be confident leading problem solving exercises and Lean supply chains
  • Become familiar with Value Stream Mapping, Total Productive Maintenance, Rapid Changeover Techniques and the Kanban Approach.
  • Gain professional recognition 

How will I benefit?

  • Make real gains in greater efficiency and quality
  • Identify and minimise practices that waste money and time
  • Measure business improvements
  • Motivate employees and encourage cross-organisation participation
  • Boost customer satisfaction and stakeholder confidence 
  • Professional development and knowledge sharing lead to better performance.

Course Inclusion

  • Instructor led training.
  • Training kit.
  • Juran certification process*
  • Simulated exam.

*Certification is done only after the student completes and clears the evaluation process of both Intellegenz and Juran

Course Agenda

Introduction - Manufacturing history & evolution - Types of Production - Lean History - Lean Evolution Lean Towards the recent markets - Lean terminology - Wastes - Lean Principle - Flowchart to Lean - Lean Tools - 5S - Plant Layout - JIT - Work cell - Kanban - TPM - SMED - SPC - Visual Factory - PDCA - OEE - Kaizen - Jidoka - Gemba - Bottleneck Analysis - Line balancing - QFD - Benchmarking - SMART goals - VSM - Work Standardization - Poke-Yoke - RCA - FMEA - Lean Scorecard - Case study on Lean Implementation - Lean Start-up - Assessment Tools - A House of lean - Qualities of a Lean Leader.

Instructor Interaction
 Training Duration
 4 / 5 Days classroom*
 Training Certification
  Instructor Helpline Post Training
 30 Days
 Simulated Exams
 Learning Aids
 Print Copy of Course

* Number of days may vary as per city

** Available in selected cities